Our partners

Maximise your opportunities by joining Xiatech’s accelerate partner program

  • Generate new revenue streams

    Introduce or resell our platform to organisations so as to generate recurring revenue

  • Develop broader offering

    Expand your offering by providing Xiatech’s solutions and services to your customers

  • Deliver business value faster

    Embed our technology into your product to shorten time to value for your customers

  • Upskill your team's skills

    Learn the latest technology innovations from our subject matter experts, partners and customers

  • Enhance your brand awareness

    Reach an audience of industry leaders looking for what you have to offer via our global community

Our partnership model

We are passionately focused on the success of our customers and this means introducing the right partners that can help them continuously grow and innovate. Our approach to partnering is choosing companies that share our focus and values which are core to what we look for in people when they join our team. This explains why we have long-term partnerships.

xiatech partner diagram

Type of partners

  • Referral Partners

    Independent experts and companies that recommend us to organisations in return for financial recognition.

  • Technology partners

    Integrate their innovative software into our platform, providing our customers with new business capabilities.

  • Implementation partners

    Software companies and consultancies deliver value to customers using our platform and solutions

Some of the companies we work with

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