Unified Data Repository

Our Unified Data Repository consolidates and unifies data across your organisation, providing a single, searchable source of trusted real-time data – ‘the golden truth’.


Create a single view of your data for your entire organisation

The Repository gives you a single, central repository of connected, cleansed and enriched data that is updated in real-time to deliver a 360-degree view of critical business entities and events.


  • Create a 360-degree view of your data in real-time

  • Unlock the data that drives analysis

  • Widely share most trusted up-to-date version of the truth

  • Access all your data in real-time

Key features

Unified data models

Automate process workflows and transform data with rich, industry-standard data reference models that work alongside our Smart Connectors and Unified Data Repository

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Automated data matching

Deliver matching heterogeneous datasets and events to feed into reference models and unified data entities, delivering a 360-degree view of data such as customers and products

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Multi-dimensional business views

Create high-level data views that map to business entities via our unique data mesh and transformation logic

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Data-driven activation

Trigger process automation and real-time actualisation of benefits in real-time with guaranteed single version of the truth across the entire ecosystem

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