Value of Financial Data

Utilising financial
data and insights

While often among the first areas of corporate operations to digitise, financial data and analytics should not be neglected. Financial data is ultimately what drives decision making and relying on simplistic or inadequate data gathering and analytics can be fatal in a highly competitive and fast-moving world.

Capturing value from financial data

Financial data provides the ultimate truth test for all other data measures. Much that is measurable is available and should be used. Seek to find additional financial insights wherever practical to ensure this vital source of insights is accurate and timely.

Benefits of financial data

Superior financial data can help decision-makers move with confidence and can help ensure the adequacy of working capital, the viability of credit, clarity in making business decisions, predictable profitability, and financial loss avoidance.

  • Attract more new and existing customers

  • Increase marketing ROI

  • Improve customer experience

  • Deliver cost savings

  • Create customer loyalty

Questions you should be able to answer today

Data informs decisions so you are able to answer business-critical questions that drive sales, customer satisfaction and loyalty.  These are just a handful of many questions that you should be able to answer today. 

  • Where are the costs being incurred?
  • What activities contribute to profitability, how much, and why?
  • How do non-financial indicators stand up to financial reviews?
  • What investments produce the highest returns?
  • Are the right financial measures in place to drive good decision-making?
  • How does our organisation measure up to competitors and industry norms in terms of known financial metrics?

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The world of financial data

Organisations that are profitable and seemingly successful often neglect opportunities to strengthen and deepen the quantity and quality of financial data they gather and analyse. Of course, this is a mistaken policy that invites costly missteps. Working strategically to strengthen financial data can yield great benefits without incurring significant costs. This is where we help by providing the Xfuze platform and our team of data scientists to help decision-makers answer business questions. 

We help companies like yours

Xiatech’s Xfuze Platform provides a single view of customer data and advanced AI-driven analytics so you are able to understand and predict the behaviour of your customers.  Loaded with pre-built dashboards and interactive reports, you have a real-time stream of actionable insight that will transform your business by truly knowing your customers like never before.