Value of Customer Data

Capturing value
from customer data

High-performing companies that utilise customer data are better positioned to thrive (and survive) in the new digital world of real-time omnichannel interactions and experiences.

Why you need customer insights

A single view of customer data is at the heart of every company – and, when used to inform strategic decisions – creates a competitive advantage by accelerating revenue generation, improving customer service, strengthening loyalty and elevating product innovation.

Benefits of customer analytics

Companies that are successful in capturing and transforming the world of customer data into actionable insights generate more business value.

  • Attract more new and existing customers

  • Increase marketing ROI

  • Improve customer experience

  • Deliver cost savings

  • Create customer loyalty

Questions you should be able to answer today

Data informs decisions so you are able to answer business-critical questions that drive sales, customer satisfaction and loyalty.  These are just a handful of many questions that you should be able to answer today. 


  • Who are our most loyal customers?
  • Which are our most profitable customers?
  • What is the level of churn in our customer base?
  • Which acquisition channels lead to the highest CLTV?
  • Why did our marketing campaign underperform?
  • Why does one customer segment engage with us more than others?

Do you have questions that need answering?

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The world of customer data

The more data you collect, the more insight you will have to understand, predict and engage your customers. Unfortunately, most companies underperform because they aren’t collecting and using customer data to inform decisions – and it’s resulting in lost opportunities. This is where we help by providing the Xfuze platform and our team of data scientists to help decision-makers answer business questions.

We help companies like yours

Xiatech’s Xfuze Platform provides a single view of customer data and advanced AI-driven analytics so you are able to understand and predict the behaviour of your customers.  Loaded with pre-built dashboards and interactive reports, you have a real-time stream of actionable insight that will transform your business by truly knowing your customers like never before.