Composable AI

Accelerate your adoption of AI with Composable AI

Composable AI is a modern, modular-first framework that integrates to multiple AI models so they can collaborate with each other across your ecosystem of technologies, data and processes.


Why Composable AI

Speed to market creates competitive advantage, enabling organisations to pivot at pace, avoiding threats and capitalising on opportunities as a result of rapid shifts in the market.

To help business and technology teams innovate and deliver business value faster, Xiatech has developed Composable AI, the faster way to integrate, deploy, manage and roll-out artificial intelligence across organisations at scale and pace.


Isolated AI vs Composable AI

Isolated AI

  • An AI/ML system that works in isolation to complete a specific task
  • Siloed, disconnected AI from larger business objectives and processes
  • AI delivers just a single objective or result
  • Receives direct inputs from raw data sources

How Composable AI works

Composable AI is a game changer, enabling business and technology teams to rapidly connect, deploy, manage and govern artificial intelligence across their organisation.

  • Shorten time to integrate AI / ML models

  • Embed new AI models into existing AI technologies

  • Increase the reliability of AI-generated outputs

  • Lower the cost of AL / ML technologies

  • Improve efficiencies by automating manual processes


  • Automated end-to-end data pipelines for feature stores

  • Pre-built integrations for AI / ML models

  • Model monitoring and governance

  • “Plug and play” AI models

  • Cloud-native distributed AI models

An example of a Composable AI ecosystem for a retailer

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