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One complete Hyper-Integration platform to connect your systems, unify your data and deliver continuous insights to your organisation in real-time.

Our services

  • Digital Transformation Strategy

    Develop a digital transformation strategy that will support your business and technology objectives. Our team will analyse of current capabilities and systems architecture and review your strategic objectives to map out a transformation roadmap that spans people, process and system changes. This approach enables us to identify opportunities for early value delivery and provide a route to incremental change that can enable your leadership and business teams to rapidly adopt new capabilities that accelerate growth.

  • Omnichannel Strategy and Implementation

    Rapidly add new channels to market by developing and implementing a modern, futureproof omnichannel strategy that meets the expectations of your customers and your business. Centred on our Hyper-Integration Platform, this service creates a single view of inventory integrated into an order management or inventory optimisation solution.

  • Supply Chain Strategy and Implementation

    Benefit from a supply chain programme that will improve the effectiveness and agility of your logistics and carrier management. Whether expanding to include new warehouses, outsourcing to 3PL partners or integrating new carrier partners, you can rapidly integrate new systems and partners – with incremental migration to de-risk business impact – via the Hyper-Integration Platform.

  • Program Management

    Ensure that transformation projects are delivered on time, and within budget with our program management experts in your corner. By partnering with customers throughout the design and delivery phases, we reduce the challenges that go with large, complex and resource-hungry transformation projects.

  • Cloud Migration

    Transform the way you plan and migrate in-house systems to the cloud, either as a one-off project or as a fully managed service. Our expert technology teams are here to help you reduce the complexities and harness the huge business opportunities to moving to the cloud.

  • Customer Experience

    Establish strategies and programmes that will transform customer engagement and loyalty. Enabled by our Hyper-Integration Platform, our data-centric service delivers a unified, real-time view of customers so you can better understand, interact with and personalise customer experience across physical and digital channels and touchpoints.

  • Program and Design Assurance

    Transform the way you evaluate and audit programmes of work with guidance from our experts drawing on their extensive breadth of programme delivery. Our assurance framework measures areas of both opportunity and risk to validate the measurability of desired business outcomes.

  • E-Commerce Strategy and Implementation

    Develop and implement award-winning digital programmes to rapidly launch new channels or transition to a composable digital architecture. Our Hyper-integration Platform effectively connects new systems and partners, while de-risking business impact through incremental migration.

  • Enterprise Architecture Design

    Release your data from silos and simplify integrations to create a flexible, dynamic environment that supports rapid business transformation.Experts in Enterprise Architecture, our programme delivery team will work with you to review the current capability landscape for opportunities to simplify or improve and will recommend a composable architecture that will leverage unified data across the organisation.

  • Architecture Audit

    Improve the optimisation of technology and infrastructure to support future business needs with guidance from Xiatech’s programme delivery team. Drawing on extensive experience in enterprise architecture, our experts will assess and benchmark current architecture capabilities and make clear, actionable recommendations.

  • ERP Selection and Migration

    Reduce the complexities of replacing your ERP platform, a task that impacts the whole organisation. Our experts will help you to analyse current business capabilities and system architectures while assessing future transformation opportunities, giving you a futureproof set of capabilities against which to evaluate and select a new ERP or create a composable best of breed strategy. As part of our Programme Delivery services, we also support the migration to a new solution with a value-based incremental approach.

  • Technology Strategy

    Get a complete picture of your current technologies and ways to augment capabilities or simplify systems. Our experts provide industry-agnostic recommendations , always applying current best practice to identify value-based opportunities to futureproof your investment and create a roadmap for incremental change.

  • Data Strategy

    Unlock the data in your business by developing a strategy that will create a single version of the truth you can use to inform new and actionable insights. Our data-led approach to understanding BI and auditing its observability avoids the problems of siloed and replicated data, enabling you to develop better ways of unifying, managing and exploiting your data.

  • Integration Strategy

    Rethink what’s possible with large transformation programmes and create an integration strategy across systems, data and processes which extends to people, leadership and analytics – with incremental migration reducing risk. By taking integration off the critical path with our Hyper-Integration approach we help you avoid the timing issues and the difficulties of combining different integration frequencies, formats and throughput which leads to multi-layered rules and dependencies.

  • System Integration

    Upgrade the way you integrate systems to establish new routes to market, migrate away from legacy applications and respond to new market trends. Our Data Integration Hub provides industry standard connectors and standard data integration patterns to quickly and cost effectively integrate your technology systems, business processes and data, smoothing out process that can slow and complicate large transformation programmes.

  • Digital Marketing

    Deliver on a key Digital Marketing objective for every business – enhancing your personal interactions with customers and gaining a single view of your audience. Our team can help you create a transformation roadmap to update your customer-centric systems, helping you understand media and channel performance so you can get closer to customers and better understand your return on marketing investment.

  • Data Governance

    Gain a better understanding of the ever-growing data landscape and rules governing data ownership. Our hugely experience team can help you review and implement best practices in data governance to mitigate risks, accelerate insights and seamlessly, safely share data across your organisation.

  • AI & Data Science

    Get a better understanding of your data and turn it into insights that will drive smarter decision making. We can help your team identify and deliver insights rapidly, with clear recommendations for new analytics and areas for future added value.

  • Insights-as-a-Service

    Navigate the vast plethora of data available today to find the actionable insights your decision-makers need. As pioneers of guided, predictive analytics models, we can help you rapidly understand your data and jump to recommended actions or areas for further analysis, making the switch from data farmer to data master.