Advanced Analytics

Our Advanced Analytics leverages AI / ML to provide predictive modelling capabilities in pre-built and custom-made dashboards and reports.


Predict the future with ML-enabled decisions

Our Advanced Analytics leverages the latest AI and ML capabilities to help you extract more more value from your data. These unique self-service capabilities are accessible through our Intelligent Insights Hub, the single source of data and insights that distributes information across organisations in real-time.


  • Use historic data to predict future events

  • Use future prediction to influence your actions

  • Access deeper insight into market trends

  • Enable 'what-if' scenario modelling

Key features

Predictive analytics

Apply pre-built predictive models to visualise future impact, value and business outcomes

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AI-guided decisions

Make decision and recommendations based on interactive scenario planning and simulation informed by advanced AI models

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Advanced AI models

Tap into battle-tested models with best-in-class visual representations and predictions that have been created by applying ML deep learning approaches to extensive datasets

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Industry-specific model library

Access our extensive library of pluggable models alongside industry-specific advanced models and suite of rich visualisations

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