Value of Product Data

Utilising product
data and insights

High-performing companies use product data to better understand what they offer to customers and how to market and support those products. Similarly, customers use product data to make choices that are most likely to satisfy their needs – which, in turn, benefits the company.

Capturing value from product data

A unified view of product data is critical to making business decisions and can bring fidelity to understanding the customer and market conditions and what trends are driving consumer behaviour. Without good product data, organisations are essentially “flying blind” and underperform.

Benefits of product data

Companies can and should leverage rich and accurate product data to enhance selling opportunities, strengthen customer loyalty, and increase margins.

  • Attract more new and existing customers

  • Increase marketing ROI

  • Improve customer experience

  • Deliver cost savings

  • Create customer loyalty

Questions you should be able to answer today

Data informs decisions so you are able to answer business-critical questions that drive sales, customer satisfaction and loyalty. These are just a handful of many questions that you should be able to answer today. 

  • Which products are most strategically important?
  • Which are our most profitable products on a per-unit basis?
  • Which products are most profitable due primarily to volume?
  • Are all product factors being considered, e.g. costs of product returns or repairs?
  • What is the origin of costs associated with product acquisition and delivery?
  • How and why are new products brought into the mix, and how will said products impact strategic direction and profitability?

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The world of product data

Unfortunately, companies often undervalue product data. This can lead retailers to underperform, particularly in e-commerce, due to inadequate or unoptimised data about what is being sold. This is where we help by providing the Xfuze platform and our team of data scientists to help decision-makers answer business questions.

We help companies like yours

Xiatech’s Xfuze Platform provides a single view of customer data and advanced AI-driven analytics so you are able to understand and predict the behaviour of your customers.  Loaded with pre-built dashboards and interactive reports, you have a real-time stream of actionable insight that will transform your business by truly knowing your customers like never before.