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Hyper Integration

Traditional integration approaches and tools aren’t designed for today’s world of real-time interactions and experiences. It’s why we developed a new and modern way to create more business value, and faster, than before, by unlocking the value of your data and the knowledge of your people.


So, you want to accelerate your digital transformation. Now what?

Hyper-Integration is the modern approach to automating the connection of composable systems, data, processes, and decisions into seamless digital operations, so information, actionable insights and business improvements are delivered across an organisation at the right place, at the right time.

Technology integration

  • ‘Back-end’ technical integration
  • Historical, searchable data
  • Siloed teams
  • Efficiency and operations


  • ‘Front-end’ integrated experiences
  • Continuous connected intelligence
  • Unified organisation
  • Innovation and growth

If you dont change, your customers will

Digital transformation projects have a high failure rate of 70%, according to McKinsey, with 59% of organisations having generated basic business outcomes from their investments. Clearly, digital transformation must be reinvigorated, rediagnosed and reinvented if it’s to meet the expectations of and support the needs of business and technology leaders.

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How to be successful with digital transformation


Xiatech goes beyond the limitations traditional integration to provide organisations with Hyper-Integration, a modern approach to connecting the interactions of leadership, data, systems, analytics, processes and people in a single digital operation.

Benefits of Hyper-integration

  • Shortens time to value

  • Lowers the cost of technology

  • Accelerates business transformation

  • Increase the ROI of legacy systems

  • Improves employee collaboration and innovation

Hyper-Integration can only be achieved by deploying a composable platform that connects systems, unifies data and empowers people through enhanced analytics, insight-driven decisions and automated processes.

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“Xiatech has been instrumental in accelerating Db’s digital transformation. The company’s experts, and its Hyper-Integration Platform, have enabled us to become a high performing, scalable business that continues to exceed customer expectations.”

CTO, Db Journey