Retail Accelerator

Rapidly Increase Customer Lifetime Value

Developed to shorten time-to-insight from months to days, and to accelerate data-informed decisions for marketing teams, Xiatech’s first-of-its-kind AI-powered analytics solution enables retail professionals to understand, anticipate and predict the behaviour of customers across physical and digital touchpoints while effectively monitoring the performance of business operations.


Artificial Intelligence that recommends decisions

Xiatech’s unique accelerator leverages the full capabilities of Xfuze, its Hyper-Integration Platform, including real-time system integration, process automation, data management, insights and analysis, and advanced analytics to accelerate business transformation without the complexity, costs and delays associated with outdated, disconnected integration, data management and analytics tools.


  • Reduce time to insight from weeks to days

  • Quickly obtain a single, real-time view customers

  • Dramatically increase the return on marketing investment

  • Reduce system and data integration costs

  • Turbocharge your existing legacy systems

Key features

Suite of pre-built retail dashboards.

Ready-to-use dashboards provide a 360-degree overview of your organisation, highlighting the most important industry-standard KPIs that will help you to monitor and improve business performance.

Leverage AI to predict customer behaviour.

Our extensive toolkit of AI-based solutions answer business critical questions on your customer base: How likely are they to return? What is their potential LTV in the next quarter or year? And much more.

behavioural rfm segmentation graphs

AI-guided recommendation to improve decisions.

Our AI toolkit discovers, aggregates and makes sense of your customers including behaviour – and utilises this information to suggest courses of action to improve operational, logistics and marketing activities.

behavioural rfm segmentation graphs

Automated extended RFM model for customer segmentation.

Our RFM model autonomously explores how your customer population is spread and categorises them in a matter of minutes, no matter how large your customer base. Additionally, the model looks at other dimensions related to customer behaviour, such as discounts, markdowns and the tendency to return.

behavioural rfm segmentation graphs