Smart Connectors

Our Smart Connectors are pre-built, configurable adapters that connect to systems to extract, push and stream structured and unstructured data between business systems and applications.


Automate data collection and distribution organisation-wide

Our extensive library of Smart Connectors allows you to extract and push structured and unstructured data between business systems and applications.


  • Integrate systems quickly and cost-effectively

  • Use a reliable, repeatable, secure solution

  • Easily configure to your exact requirements

  • Quickly add new systems and channels to market

Smart Connectors

Key features

Universal connectivity

Connect to any legacy or modern system using anything from traditional batch files to Web Services, XML, JSON and REST APIs.

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Secure data connectivity

Leverage best-of-breed authentication, encryption and secure data exchange protocols to support secure connectivity.

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Highly configurable

Harness reusable components that offer a highly configurable interface to connect data sources, deliver smart data mapping and enable best of breed, composable, event-based architecture.

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Robust and scalable

Benefit from trusted best-in-class design patterns and cloud native technologies that allow Smart Connectors to scale up to reliably process large volumes of data.

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