Our Xfuze platform


Forget traditional integration tools that are complex, costly and slow to set up. Xfuze rapidly delivers value from day one by connecting systems, unifying data and providing continuous insights across your organisation in a single platform.

One Platform to unlock your Digital Transformation

Xfuze is the only all-in-one platform you will ever need to integrate your systems, unify your data and deliver real-time insights across your entire organisation.

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Business benefits

  • Lower the total cost of system integration

  • Unlock the full potential of your data

  • Turbocharge your legacy systems

  • Increase operational efficiencies

  • Drastically shorten time-to-market

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How our Xfuze platform works for you:

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Our capabilities

  • Insights & Analytics

    Bring together all the insight you need to make data-informed decisions – our Intelligent Insights Hub harnesses real-time insight across your organisation through self-service dashboards, including AI-enabled advanced analytics.

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  • System Integration

    Allow structured and unstructured data to flow seamlessly and continuously throughout your technology ecosystem – harness our pre-built Smart Connectors that connect your disparate business systems and applications.

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  • Data integration

    Unlock the value of your data and get a 360-degree view of your business. We’ve unified operational data to provide a single, consolidated and searchable source of trusted information that provides continuous insights and intelligence.

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  • Process automation

    Use automation to integrate systems, distribute insight and free your team up – our AI tools connect systems and data and and use best practice rules to trigger event-driven cleansed and transformed data in real-time.

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  • Data management

    Accelerate smarter decisions with advanced data management capabilities designed to supercharge your business systems. Our AI-enabled tools make it simple to collect, integrate, assess, improve and manage data across your organisation to generate real-time insights and analysis.

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  • AI / Machine learning

    Accelerate business transformation by delivering continuous insights across your organisation – we make it simple by applying artificial intelligence / machine learning to real-time system integration, data management and event-driven analytics.

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  • Hyper-Integration

    Harness Hyper-Integration – the new way to integrate your entire business. It brings together composable systems, data, processes and decisions into a seamless digital operation, so information, actionable insights and business improvements are always delivered across an organisation to the right place, at the right time.

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  • Big data / data lake

    Instantly turn data into business value. With organisations collecting more data than ever before, what’s missing are effective ways to make sense of the insight from hundreds of disconnected sources. Now you can, through the AI and analytics power of Xiatech’s Hyper-Integration Platform.

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  • Data fabric / data mesh

    Transform the way you power the data fabric of your organisation. With information dispersed across businesses, it can be difficult to capture, manage and exploit – our platform leverages AI to connect systems and their data endpoints to automate the integration, discovery, governance and orchestration of data.

Our unique approach to pricing

We help business and IT professionals accelerate the adoption of new and cutting-edge technologies so their organisations can respond faster and with greater agility to ever-changing market challenges and opportunities – drastically shortening the journey to value creation.

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