Digital Integration Hub

Our Digital Integration Hub connects systems and data and uses best practice rules to trigger event-driven cleansed and transformed data, automating processes, integrating systems and distributing insights across an organisation.


Collect and connect your systems and data for continuous insights

The Digital Integration Hub integrates and orchestrates all your systems into one unique cloud-native platform, allowing your business applications to communicate with each other seamlessly and in real-time.


  • Integrate your systems at speed

  • See changes and respond in real time

  • Bridge heterogeneous and legacy systems

  • Accelerate business process automation

Key features

End-to-end composable process flow

Implement complex process flows across multiple systems through configurable and composable architecture

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Built-in data quality

Collate data that is checked, verified and consolidated throughout its lifecycle to guarantee quality and accuracy

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Distributed event processing

Handle any workload and traffic level by leveraging a high performance distributed processing engine designed for big data and large-scale streaming

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Data governance and privacy

Apply compliance rules and AI-based privacy models to guarantee adherence to GDPR and high levels of privacy across systems while adding data lineage and traceability

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