Intelligent Insights Hub

Our Insights Hub provides actionable intelligence into your entire business and technology operations via a branded portal featuring self-service dashboards and in-depth reports.


Simplify life with a one-stop destination for business insights and tools

The Hub is an ever-evolving source of datasets and analytics that’s accessible to your entire organisation at all times, reducing time-to-insight while improving knowledge sharing across departments.


  • Shorten time to deliver actionable insights

  • Move from data wrangling and farming to data analytics

  • Effectively source and manage data in one place

  • Collaboratively view and share business insights

Key features

Value chain dashboard

Access real-time actionable insights with integrated dashboards that provide deep industry-specific insights across the value chain

a man points at a time graph with a pen

Pre-built industry insights

Deliver a suite of pre-built dashboards aligned with each industry, delivered with self-service capability which is easily scalable

two screens showing data forecast graphs

Cross platform

Access through multiple BI stacks and clouds for ultimate deployment flexibility – BigQuery, Snowflake, Tableau, PowerBI, Datastudio, Databricks and more

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Real-time delivery

Observe the entire data ecosystem in real-time with immediate updates allowing you to take decisions as events happen

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