Our approach to delivering value

Xiatech enables business and IT professionals to accelerate the adoption of new and cutting-edge technologies so their organisations can move faster and with greater agility to ever-changing market challenges and opportunities – and, in doing so, radically shorten the timeline to value creation.

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Unprecedented all-in-one platform capabilities

Xiatech’s customers accelerate transformation while generating savings because its Hyper-Integration Platform provides business and technology leaders with all of the capabilities, tools and data in one place.

  • Go live in days

  • Quick time to value

  • Simple, transparent pricing

Platform CapabilitiesXiatech's Xfuze Platform
Real-Time System Integration Pre-built, configurable Smart Connectors
Industry-aligned business rules and logic
Event-based data capture
Intelligent Digital Integration Hub
Distributed event processing
Real-time data streaming
Data Management Real-time, single view of data
Unified Data Repository
Industry-ready data models
Automated data matching
Real-time data fabric
Data quality
Data governance
Data privacy
Insights & Analysis Real-time data lake
Pre-built dashboards and visualisations
Bespoke dashboards and visualisations
Self-service business intelligence
Real-time actionable insights
Advanced Analytics Pre-built advanced analytics
Predictive analytics
AI-guided scenario building
Advanced AI models
Industry-specific AI models
Process Automation Automated workflows
AI-guided decisions
Business process orchestration

Frequently asked questions

  • How does our pricing compare to other solution providers?

    Our pricing is typically 30% lower than other vendors as we have developed our platform from the ground up using cloud native technology so it doesn’t require huge teams to set-up and manage.

  • What exactly is included in your Hyper-Integration Platform?

    Unlike other tool vendors, we provide one complete platform for real-time system integration, data management, process automation and analytics capabilities. As a result, the total cost of ownership is lower, and a return on investment is faster, than competing vendors.

  • How quickly can I create business value?

    Immediately, we focus on helping you create value in a couple of weeks of choosing us. This rapid time to value is possible because we take a data-led approach, analysing and making recommendations that improve business performance and operations while, in parallel, we integrate systems, unify data and automate processes so you have a connected business by leveraging our Hyper-Integration Platform..

  • What value can I create from using your platform?

    Since our Hyper-Integration Platform is complete, providing real-time system integration, data management, and analytics, you have a new set of tools and insights to generate a lot of business value, depending on your objectives, such as:

    • Reduce the cost of system integration
    • Unlock the full value of your data
    • Modernise your digital architecture
    • Turbo-charge your legacy systems
    • Increase employee productivity
    • Improve data sharing and collaboration