On-Demand Webinar: Business Value of MACH

On-demand webinar: Business Value of MACH Technologies Global Survey Results

Watching the webinar provides the perfect opportunity to learn the results of the world’s first survey to quantify the Business Value of MACH Technologies from distinguished executives from esteemed organisations such as Costa CoffeeThe Gym Group, and OneStock.

They will be sharing their invaluable firsthand insights and experiences, shedding light on how the anonymised survey results can be leveraged for the benefit of you and your industry peers.

You will also learn:

  • What business value you should expect from MACH technologies
  • How companies are making the business case for new MACH investments
  • Why MACH is key to accelerating your successful future-proof digital transformation programme
  • Answers to burning questions such as, “What are the typical key performance indicators to measure a MACH investment?” and “What are the best primary business cases to put forward when introducing a MACH initiative?”

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