Moss accelerates its business transformation by creating a ground-breaking single view of data and analytics via Xiatech’s Xfuze platform

Moss is the UK’s no.1 formal menswear specialist. Founded in 1851 in London’s Covent Garden, the retailer has a long and rich heritage of making impeccably stylish, beautifully designed products for men. Moss engaged Xiatech in 2021 to modernise its insights capabilities to increase product availability, customer satisfaction and sales.

  • £200k

    In reduced lost sales on returns


    number of order substitutions due to improved inventory visibility

  • 95%

    Increase in speed to insights

  • Moss launched a data-led business modernisation programme to drive the company’s continued growth. The challenge was the inability to have an accurate, single view of data to support executive decisions on this important transformational journey
  • The British retailer was also constrained technologically and lacked the analytical infrastructure to unlock insights to accelerate the business forward
  • Xiatech produced a comprehensive analytics strategy focused on generating quick wins while building a future-proof insights capability 
  • A single view of data was only possible because of the Xfuze Platform. Xiatech used its library of Xfuze Smart Connectors to collect and create a single view of inventory, product, location and customer data for real-time reporting and analysis
  • Xiatech used its AI-driven approach to develop a segmentation model that profiled the retailer’s entire customer base across transactional and behaviour features. The segmentation model is integrated with Moss’ CRM platform and is used to drive intelligent marketing campaigns
  • Moss has obtained a thorough understanding of customers throughout their lifecycle that allows the retailer to personalise communications on what is emotionally charged occasions
  • Moss is able to leverage its already strong acquisition to drive long-term engagement and loyalty through an understanding of key drivers of future conversion 
  • Moss is able to predict churn in its customer base and tailor a re-engagement message on a per-customer basis that drives revenue
  • The retailer has a 360-degree view of store operations including customer interactions, staffing and store logistics, and its impact on sales and conversion
  • Moss leverages its single view of product across all time by enabling new decision-making insights capabilities such as dynamic seasonality

What our clients say...

“Xiatech has enabled us to fundamentally transform into a data-driven, connected retailer so all aspects of our business are focused on and empowered with insights to understand and serve our customers in a personal, relevant way.” 

Head of IT at Moss