Xiatech partners with retailer to scale business growth with composable integration, data and analytics platform

Db Journey is a Scandinavian company that has established itself as a recognised brand within the sports fashion travel gear industry. Since its launch in January 2012, Db has built a loyal customer base that has delivered 200% revenue growth year on year. To continue its success, Db executives recognised the need to embark on a digital transformation programme and chose to partner with Xiatach to drive the company’s ambitious technology-enabled business strategy.

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  • 30%

    Decrease in logistics costs of 30% in Europe

  • 4 days

    Reduced data wrangling times from 4 days to real time

  • Real time

    Decreased time to insight from monthly reporting to real time

  • Db’s legacy technology landscape constrained the company’s ability to execute growth tactics. This was due to over customisation of business systems and non integration of data.
  • Db lacked trusted access to business intelligence due to poor data quality and data silos across the organisation which inhibited timely business reporting of costs and profitability
  • Following a strategic review of Db’s technologies and business processes, Xiatech recommended and implemented Db’s digital transformation strategy and roadmap which included establishing a future proof platform to stabilize and scale the business
  • Xiatech used its integration, data and analytics platform to enable a “best-of-breed” composable system landscape that included:
    • Improved inventory fulfilment by replacing existing systems (eCommerce and ERP)
    • Evaluated, recommended and improved business processes
    • Unified and cleansed data sources across the business to support timely reporting and analysis
  • Unified and cleansed data sources across the business to support timely reporting and analysis
  • Db’s operational teams such as supply chain, sales and marketing now have real-time visibility of order lifecycle for B2B and B2C
  • With a single view of sales and inventory, Db is able to improve operational merchandise planning and demand forecasting processes

What our clients say...

“Xiatech has been instrumental in accelerating Db’s digital transformation. The company’s experts, and its Hyper-Integration Platform, have enabled us to become a high performing, scalable business that continues to exceed customer expectations.”

CTO, Db Journey